If you are looking for a beach or island with which to “flee”, again not want to hustle in places like Phuket familiar or Bali, the island of Koh Rong Samloem Cambodia would be a great suggestion. First to say, this journey is not for those who prefer convalescence. Because to… Read more »

The transaction model in e-government


Join the e-government has 3 entities: government, citizens and businesses. On the basis of the relationship between the subject above, we can classify into 4 categories eGovernment, corresponding to 4 types of government services including: G2C (Government to Citizens): to be understood as the ability to trade and deliver government… Read more »

How To Build A Massive Mailing List – Safe Swaps Tips

Safe swaps is a great place for online marketers to meet and do business. The main function of safe swaps is to help marketers build their email lists through either solo ads or by arranging ad-swaps with other members. How To Build A Massive Mailing List – Safe Swaps Tips An ad-swap is… Read more »

6 Monetizing Secrets Every Blogger Should Know


Recently, someone asked me how do people actually make money from blogging? For people new to the online world and of course to blogging, this is not always clear. The person asking me was really interested in doing it himself but couldn’t really see how he could make a full… Read more »

Guide to driving abroad

Zut alors! Did you realise that your normal comprehensive insurance policy may not actually cover your annual family holiday in Europe? That’s not the bonne surprise you wanted to find out on the side of an autoroute with no breakdown van in sight and only yesterday’s baguette to munch on…. Read more »



Our world is filled with unhealthy preservatives, substitutes, and chemicals in our food that are just bad for us. Kelley Herring, an expert on healthy eating, wanted to make it okay to fulfill our sweet tooth cravings without feeling guilty or ruining our health. In the past, she has written… Read more »

Holidays for the whole family


Plan together Avoid a sticky start by having a pre-break planning session to discover days out, activities and must-see attractions – and then decide on which ones you want to fit in. Pre-planning gets everyone in the holiday mood and puts in place the pieces for a memorable getaway. Staying… Read more »